One Year Ago Yesterday………

we received this picture.  I cannot believe it has been one year since our referral!  Adoption in general is an emotional situation, but I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly emotional girl.  So yes, the whole process was hard and I shed some tears, but nothing gets me like looking at these old pictures now.

A year ago, these pictures were precious and even though they still are, now I know this girl and love her so very much.  Although the photo resembles her, her eyes are so distant and they look scared to me.  I know she was being well taken care of at this point in her journey, but she had already been through so much.  Knowing her fun -loving personality now makes me get a glimpse in to what she was feeling in this picture.  And its hard.

I am just so thankful, to my Heavenly Father, for joining our family with hers.  Yes, we are changing her life, but she is equally changing ours!  We love you Emelia Reste!

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